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                                                                                                             (Christina Ramalho)




As if it were a miracle,


his words came to us


bringing a sense of justice


we had never heard before.


(Although it was just October


and our dreams, therefore,


were dead beat on shore.)


His gentle and loving eyes


came to us as lullabies.


They could tell us new stories


and we felt like children again.


(Although it was just October


and our feelings, therefore,


couldn’t feel anything anymore.)




As if it were unreal,


his voice increased the day


and its twenty-four hours


beat together this midday.


(Although it was just October


and our hearts, therefore,


were silent waiting a commodore.)


His peaceful and grateful face


came to us as a new mirror


in which we’ll find


a new mind, a new hero.


(Although it was just October


and our own faces, therefore,


had no lights, no rights, no mores.)




As if it were a divine gift,


he came to us brave and ready.


Through his desire of pragmatism


we felt revive our patriotism.


(Although it was just October


and our souls, therefore,


were drifting by the seashore.)




As if it were a great convocation,


he claimed our mobilization.


“This is the hour!” is what he said.


And we believed and took our caps.


(Although it was just October,


and we didn’t know exactely what to do.)




His lullaby didn’t make us sleep.


It made us  wake up and believe


that our nightmares could disappear


if we say “hope” instead of “fear”!




As a message of a great poet,


that one day crossed the Atlantic,


his lullaby is crossing distances


and scattering an ocean of ethics.




In the past, for three times,


we had to say: Lula, bye…


Now his new song


brought us the change.


And all of us felt glad to say:


Welcome, fellow!


This nation now is red, green and yellow!




We’ll sing our song,


we’ll make this country strong.


(Because although it was just October,


we could hear the future’s clamour


leaving his lips, without weepings.)






Let’s work.


That’s all, folks!






        29 de outubro de 2002.


October, 29th, 2002


(inédito – unpublished – no publié)


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